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Black Cash Drawer (12 Volt, RJ11/RJ12 Connection)

Black Cash Drawer (12 Volt, RJ11/RJ12 Connection)

A standard 12 volt cash drawer in black with a RJ11/12 connector - designed to work with most tills, epos systems and touchscreens that power the cash drawer by 12 volts. Usually this means it plugs directly into your till and not your receipt printer. The output voltage should be printed where the cash drawer plugs in. No other power source is required.

If you connect your cash drawer via the printer you will probably need a 24 volt cash drawer - again the voltage output is usually marked on the port for the receipt printer or on the power supply label.

Either way please check your system set up before placing your order as ordering the wrong voltage cash drawer could damage your system or cash drawer and invalidate any warranties.

12 volt standard cash drawer (black) - ideal for most cash taking businesses including showrooms, grocers, newsagents, pubs, restaurants, retailers, offices and more

12v RJ11/RJ12 connection - connects to till, epos system or touchscreen directly - rather than printer. Supplied with lock and two keys for locking the drawer.

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Cash drawer dimensions & more information...

Price: 79.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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