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Casio SR-C4500 Cash Register

Casio SR-C4500 Cash Register

Casio SR-C4500 / SRC4500 Cash Register


Casio SR-C4500 is a split keyboard, double roll, multi purpose cash register - its versatility, reliability and competitive price point make it useful to small businesses across the UK including chippies, small cafes, pubs, bars, restaurants with smaller menus, small retailers, newsagents, mini markets, hardware stores, pop up shops, bakeries, vape shops & many more independent traders.


Full size metal cash drawer
Fast double roll thermal receipt printer
Shop name can be programmed onto receipt
Receipt can be switched off & issued on request
Split keyboard with raised 'function' buttons & flat 72 programmable plu/department keyboard
Can work with a barcode scanner (3,000 scanning line memory)
Dimmensions 400mm W x 450mm D x 220mm H

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Price: 259.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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