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Casio OP Operator Till Key

Casio OP Operator Till Key

Casio 'OP' till key allows the operator to process sales in the REG mode. This Casio OP key is suitable for the following cash registers - Casio 120CR, Casio 130CR, Casio 140CR, Casio 160CR, Casio TE-M80, Casio TE-100, Casio TE-2000, Casio SE-S10, Casio SE-S100, Casio SE-S300, Casio SE-S400, Casio SE-S2000, Casio SE-S3000, Casio SE-C300, Casio SE-C450, Casio SE-C2000, Casio SE-C3500, Casio SR-S500, Casio SR-S4000, Casio SR-C550 & Casio SR-C4500.


Price: 12.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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