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*2-In1* UV Light Note Checker Pens (Pack of 5)

*2-In1* UV Light Note Checker Pens (Pack of 5)

*2-In1* UV light note check pens (pack of 5). Ideal for checking paper £20 & £50 notes alongside the new Polymer bank notes! Old style pens will only work on the old paper bank notes.

Iodine ink pen will check £20 £50 paper notes
Suitable for all major currencies
Unique ink in our Note Checker Pen identifies suspect notes quickly & easily
Black, Brown or Grey, currency is suspect
UV light checks Polhymer notes, credit cards, passports, offical documnets and more
FREE DELIVERY (UK mainland, non-remote)

Read more about these money checker pens before ordering....

Price: 9.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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