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Manual Cash Drawer Black

Manual Cash Drawer Black

Manual under counter metal cash drawer (black) - ideal cash drawer for businesses or retailers looking for a professional image and safe temporary storage of cash, but don't need or want the expense or hassle of connecting to a cash register or EPoS system. Ideal for premises where 240v power isn't available.

Would suit barbers, market traders, car showrooms, temporary stalls, kiosks, concessions and more.

Just like the standard metal cash drawers, but not supplied with a data connection cable - so instead of the till system opening the drawer, you simply press the drawer and it will open. Supplied with lock and two keys should you wish to prevent unauthorised opening of the drawer.

FREE DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS OVER £100 (UK Mainland, non-remote only)

Cash drawer dimensions & more information...

Price: 69.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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