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Sam4S NR-520R FAQ's

With a few basic steps the Sam4S NR-520R is easy to use. Please find below the most frequently asked questions:


Warning Mode Error. Turn key back to last mode you were in and finish the transaction.

"I Can't Put A Sale Through!"

1. Till must be connected to mains power

2. Cash register must be in the REG mode

3. Screen must be display 0.00 with no error mesages

4. Enter price of item or sale using the 0-9 numeric key pad (no need to enter decimal point)

5. Press one of the PLU buttons (if PLU's have preset prices there is no need for step 4)

6. Repeat procedure untill all items have been entered

7. Press SUB TOTAL button

8. Enter amount tendered using the 0-9 numeric key pad

9. Press the correct tender button (i.e: CASH)

10. Dispense change as displayed on screen

"How To Do End Of Day Report?"

1. Turn key to Z mode
2. Press CASH
3. Press CASH
4. Press CASH
5. Turn key back to REG mode

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