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Sam4S NR-510F Cash Register

Sam4S NR-510F Cash Register

Sam4S NR-510F Cash Register


Sam4S NR-510F retail cash register. One paper roll, full size metal cash drawer & flat keyboard with 60 presetable product buttons and 6,000 scanning lines.


Full size metal cash drawer
Fast single roll thermal receipt printer
Shop name can be programmed onto receipt
Receipt can be switched off & issued on request
60 button programmable keyboard
Can work with a barcode scanner (6,000 scanning line memory)
Capacity for cashier interrupt & limited table tracking (feature needs setting up on our 5 Star Gold service)
Dimmensions 400mm W x 460mm D x 336mm H

Need more scanning lines? Please see the Sharp XE-A307 Cash Register

Need more 1 touch sales buttons? Please see the Casio SE-C450 Cash Register

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Price: 239.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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