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Sam4S NR-520R Cash Register

Sam4S NR-520R Cash Register

Sam4S NR-520R retail cash register. Two paper rolls, full size metal cash drawer & barcode scanning capacity make it a useful cash register for certain retailers that require barcode scanning capacity, but don't have the budget for a full blown EPoS scanning system.


Full size metal cash drawer
Fast double roll thermal receipt printer
Shop name can be programmed onto receipt
Receipt can be switched off & issued on request
12 button programmable keyboard
Can work with a barcode scanner (6,000 scanning line memory)
Capacity for cashier interrupt & limited table tracking (feature needs setting up on our 5 Star Gold service)
Dimmensions 400mm W x 460mm D x 336mm H

Need more scanning lines? Please see the Sharp XE-A307 Cash Register

Need more 1 touch sales buttons? Please see the Sam4S ER-945 Cash Register

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