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Sam4S SPS-2200 Touch Screen Cash Register

Sam4S SPS-2200 Touch Screen Cash Register

Sam4S SPS-2200 Cash Register


Sam4S SPS-2200 is our favourite touch screen cash register - it's flexible functionality, durability and full customisable system options make it the ideal cash register POS system for pubs, clubs,nightclubs, social clubs, restaurants, take aways, cafes, chip shops accross the UK. The SPS-2200 is barcode scanner friendly so can be used in boutiques & retail applications.


Optional full size metal cash drawer
Optional 80mm thermal receipt printer
Shop name can be programmed onto receipt
Receipt can be switched off & issued on request
Fully customisable touch screen - up to 10 windows with upto 60 presets per window
Capacity for preset cashes
Capacity for cashier interrupt
Capacity for table tracking
Can work with a barcode scanner (adjustable scanning line memory)

Cash Register Brochure Download

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Price: 995.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Customer Rear Display
Cash Drawer & Receipt Printer Options
Receipt Printer Rolls
Kitchen Printer
Kitchen Printer Rolls
Programming & Support Options
Dallas Key Reader / Clerk Sign On Options
Barcode Scanner
Warranty Period Required
Programming Back Up
Credit Card Machine Paper Rolls

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