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Sam4S Till Z Key

Sam4S Till Z Key

Sam4S Z till key allows the operator to process reports in the Z mode. This Sam4S Z key is suitable for the following cash registers - Samsung ER-150, ER-290, ER-380, ER-4615, ER-4640, ER-5100, ER-5115, ER-5140 & the Sam4S ER-180, ER-260, ER-390, ER-420, ER-5200, ER-5215, ER-5240, SER-7000, SER-7040 NR-510R, NR-510F, NR-520R, ER-920, ER-925, ER-940, ER-945.


Price: 12.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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