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Touch Screens

Touch Screen Tills

There are several crucial advantages that a touch screen till system has over a traditional cash register:

1. Number of Presets - how many products do you require 1 touch buttons for? The current maximum amount of preset buttons on any traditional style cash register is 110 (the Sam4S ER-940). If you require more than 110 you need a touch screen POS system such as the Sam4S SPS2300, which on our standard programming service has 400 presets over 10 different windows.

2. Cashier Interrupt - do you need multiple cashiers entering sales on the till at the same time? I.e if Naomi enters 4 Pints of Guinness on the till and wanders off to pour them, can Chantelle log on and put through her sale without affecting Naomi's? What about if Karen then tries to use the till - she will kick off big time if she can't log in. Most traditional cash register either don't have this feature, or have a clunkier version of it than yiou would have on a touch screen system. For exampleThe Sharp XE-A217 does NOT have this 'cashier interrupt' feature. The Casio SR-C550 & SR-C4500 can be programmed with the feature, but it is clunky and and limited - so we would need to program it for you and the memory is limited. The Sam4S ER-940 has the table cashier interrupt, but is does have a limit. The Sam4S SPS2300 is our recommended till system if you require cashier interrupt.

3. Table Management - Do you need table tracking, table management or bar tab function? Not all tills will have this feature and so will require the order to be paid as soon as it is registered on the cash register. The Sharp XE-A217 has this feature, but it is fairly rudimentary (see here for more). The Casio SR-C550 & SR-C4500 in theory have it, but again it is failrly rudimentary and requries dealer set up (see here for more). Our recommendation is the Sam4S SPS2300.

4. Networking - Do you need multiple terminals that talk to each other and/or a kitchen printer? For this requirement we recommend the Sam4S SPS2300.

5. Speed of Service - How fast do you need the system to be? Some of the tills at the lower end of the price bracket technically have lots of the features above, but how easy are they to use when its busy at 9pm on a Friday night? If you are concerned about speed of service we strongly recommend the Sam4S SPS2300.

In short, the Sam4S SPS2300 is our recommended pub till as it has lots of presets (400 on our programmed service) cashier interrupt, table tracking, can be networked and is the fastest system available.

Sam4S SPS-2300 Samtouch Touch Screen Cash Register

Sam4S SPS-2300 Samtouch Touch Screen Cash Register

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