Casio PGM Program Till Key

Casio 'PGM' till key .

This Casio PGM key is suitable for the following cash register models -

Casio 120CR, Casio 130CR, Casio 140CR, Casio 160CR, Casio TE-M80, Casio TE-100, Casio TE-2000, Casio SE-S10, Casio SE-S100, Casio SE-S300, Casio SE-S400, Casio SE-S2000, Casio SE-S3000, Casio SE-C300, Casio SE-C450, Casio SE-C2000, Casio SE-C3500, Casio SR-S500, Casio SR-S4000, Casio SR-C550 & Casio SR-C4500.

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